Zaida Sabatés
Zaida Sabatés — Faux terrazzo art deco mural
Zaida Sabatés — Faux terrazzo
Zaida Sabatés — Decorative finish
Zaida Sabatés — Fading effect
Zaida Sabatés — Color samples


Every era a different color palette rules, almost making us forget last seasons colors existed. There are ways to apply these colours that go beyond the basics of flat painted surfaces such as mosaics, gradients, contrasting architectural elements or with special finishes. Taking in to account the above, the layout, size and lighting of a room, I can advise on the colours and techniques to achieve a unique effect suited to your space.

Zaida Sabatés — Faux red terrazzo
Zaida Sabatés — Samples
Zaida Sabatés — Sand texture
Zaida Sabatés — Decorative finish
Zaida Sabatés — Decorative finish
Zaida Sabatés — Set design for About Arianne
Zaida Sabatés — Flax and Kale Restaurant, Barcelona, Superfoods mural
Zaida Sabatés — Mesh texture
Zaida Sabatés — Decorative finish
Zaida Sabatés — Rough texture
Zaida Sabatés

 I am a decorative artist offering specialist decoration finishes using traditional paint techniques such a marble effect, patina or ‘trompe-l’oeil’ to name a few.
Taking on board the tradition, I deliver a new way to understand the classic decorative painting adapting it to the new trends. With a more creative and contemporary eye, I offer these resources to any kind of client and project. From public spaces to private houses also doing furniture restoration or even sets for tv, films and theatre. Decorative paint could be as versatile as you want it, get in touch with your project and I will get back to you with the most suitable solution.

Just to tell you a bit about myself, I studied my B.A. in ‘Escuela Profesional Superior de Arte y Restauracion de Barcelona’ and continued with different M.A. courses in ‘Escuela Massana’ and ‘Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte Llotja’.
I have been in this field for over 14 years and until 2012 I was working in ‘Arts & Claus’ one of the most important companies in the sector where I had the chance to work in different projects for hotels, retail shops, houses and other projects for restoration companies.
Since then I am working as a freelance developing very exciting artworks for private clients such architects, interior designers and art directors.

Photography: Enric Badrinas
Design and Art Direction: Malva Sawada
Text: Daniel García

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